COVID-19 Vaccination


Assiniboine Pharmacy is an approved COVID-19 vaccination site.

Commencing on or around March 15, 2021, we will begin immunizing patients according to Manitoba Health's current eligibility guidelines.

PLEASE REVIEW THE ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA BEFORE PROCEEDING, by clicking the link below, then clicking on Medical Clinics and Pharmacies. We will be giving the Astra Zeneca/Covishield vaccine which has different eligibility criteria than other vaccines. You must be part of the eligible population age and meet specific criteria.


If you meet eligibility criteria, please fill out the form below. Once your information is entered and you press submit, you will be taken to our waitlist site to fill in further information. On this page, click "Get started with Covid-19 Vaccine (Dose 1) Registration" to continue the waitlist booking. IF YOU SKIP THIS STEP, YOU WILL NOT BE ADDED TO THE WAITLIST.


Filling in this form does not guarantee a vaccination booking. Vaccine doses are limited and are being prioritized, so you may not receive an invitation to book an appointment for some time, or at all.

IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO PHONE THE PHARMACY TO INQUIRE ABOUT YOUR WAITLIST STATUS. If and when it is your turn, the pharmacy will contact you by email.