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"I keep forgetting to take my medications!"


Each year, drug non-adherence (not taking medications as prescribed) is the cause of 25% of hospital admissions for the elderly and 23% of all nursing home admissions. Among patients, forgetting is the most frequently reported reason for non-adherence.

Get the correct dose at the correct time

The Careousel® Advance automatic pill dispenser (also known as Pivotell® Advance in the United Kingdom) is a device that reminds the user when to take their medication by means of an alarm and flashing light. The key benefit of this remarkable device is that it makes the correct dose, and only the correct dose, available at the correct time. All other pills are safely locked out of sight in the dispenser, helping to prevent an incorrect dose or an overdose from being taken.

Who can benefit?


Any person who has trouble managing their medication because of confusion, memory loss or even due to complex medication regimens.

Watch the video to see how a Pivotell® automated dispenser allowed John to live independently in his own home despite some mild confusion.

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